Annette Holzwarth

Annette Holzwarth: ‘Automatic crystal painter’

Annette Holzwarth uses crystals, both as a painting medium and as painting tools. Each painting opens you up, opens the portal to your higher dimension and gets you into an effortless state of meditation.

Extending and departing from the strong tradition of painting defined by the canonical figures she admires, such as Asger Jorn and Willem de Kooning, and reconciles that with the spiritual dimension.

Annette Holzwarth: ‘Automatic crystal painter’

Born in Stuttgart, it seems, Annette Holzwarth`s whole life was preparing her to become an artist. Although, she felt attracted to painting from an early stage, Holzwarth opted to study literature and philosophy. Her creativity quickly poured onto the paper: she wrote novels and poetry in German. 

Whilst at university she found herself surrounded by artist-friends. It is during her studies in Munich that she became fascinated with the work of Asger Jorn. To date, Annette finds his highly expressionist style hugely inspiring. The wellsprings of her creativity spur from the works of the Venetian masters, like Tintoretto, and modern painters, like Willem de Kooning and Günther Förg. 

Holzwarth`s artistic voice is further shaped by a unique painting technique that she developed with time. It emphasises the use of raw physical materials: semi-precious stones, like ground rubies, black diamonds, tourmaline, morganite and pyrite. Holzwarth paints with crystals and often uses her hands instead of conventional brushes. Crystal oils, used on every artwork, allow for harmonisation of all the elements. Applying aspects of formalism, phenomenology, and Eastern metaphysics in dialogue with international avant-garde and abstract expressionism, allowed Annette Holzwarth to develop her unique artistic language revolving around the notion of human consciousness and mysticism – an artist is a vessel through which the muse of ideas is spoken. Combining this vision with her ferociously free brushstrokes and colour make it the love at first sight for the viewers and art collectors.